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8/18/06 02:52 pm - Gym Battles and my next exciting Underwater Ballet

Heya everyone!

I'm so glad to be back on The Network. It's been kinda lonely, you know...

Well, I've had a fair few gym battles, but I'm not going to make you listen to all of them... Just a few...

Misty vs. Calvin
3 vs. 3
Misty's Pokemon: Luvdisc, Starmie
Calvin's Pokemon: Arbok, Beedrill, Nidorino

Okay, the first match was Arbok vs. Starmie. Starmie used a Water Gun, but Arbok broke through and used Wrap. I think it wrapped too tightly though, as Starmie whoosed upward and knocked it out... He then sent out Beedrill. It must have been a low level, as it dropped like a fly... I just used Surf, and Beedrill was stuck underwater and fainted. Then again, Calvin accused me of cheating at this point... He then sent out Nidorino, and because Starmie looked tired, I decided to return it. I then sent out Caserin. Caserin used Water Gun, then when it hit Nidorino, I made it use Ice Beam to freeze the water. Calvin decided to return Nidorino and then leave. No fair... I was just getting started!

Misty vs. Rick
2 vs. 2
Misty's Pokemon: Corsola
Rick's Pokemon: Wurmple, Wurmple

Seriously, I've never done such a easy fight before. The level of these trainer's Pokemon is weird. If they've already got the Boulder Badge, then I think you ought to have a word with Forest, Brock. Corsola used Tackle, and one fainted, and then he sent out the other, and I used Tackle again, and the other one fainted. He claimed to have the Boulder Badge, but didn't show it me.

Misty vs. Allen
2 vs. 2
Misty's Pokemon: Goldeen, Staryu
Allen's Pokemon: Poochyena, Taillow

I got kinda big headed here... He claimed that he'd not got any badges, and then sent out a Poochyena. I thought it looked weak, so I sent out Goldeen. It then used Take Down, and then paddled to the surface. I had to return Goldeen. I then sent out Staryu. His Poochyena used Crunch, but Staryu went underwater, and Poochyena fell in. I then had Staryu Rapid Spin it to the bottom and keep it there. Allen was forced to return it, or I'd have his license. He sent out Taillow, so I had Staryu use Rapid Spin out of the water and hit it, and it dodged by using Agility. I then tried a Swift, but it used Protect to stop it hitting. I then tried a Water Gun, and it used Wing Attack to cut through the Water Gun and knock Staryu straight to the bottom of the water. I used Recover, and then sent Staryu back up with Tackle, which managed to hit Taillow. He then told it to use Toxic, and I used Dive to dodge it. However, that put the slime all over the pool (and I had to clean it up), and then I tried Rapid Spin, but it used Wing Attack to stick Staryu into the Toxic mess. I then returned Staryu and gave him a Cascade Badge. I haven't had such a good gym battle in ages.

Misty vs. Tiana
2 vs. 2
Misty's Pokemon: Corsola, Staryu
Tiana's Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Zigzagoon

It was Corsola against her Zigzagoon. I used Tackle, and the Zigzagoon fell into the water, but then it used Surf, ended up back on one of the platforms. I used Spike Cannon, and it fought back by using Thunder Wave. I got Corsola to use Recover, but then he used Double Team. I wasn't sure which to attack, so Corsola used Spike Cannon till I found the real one, then he went to use Shock Wave, and I used Mirror Coat and knocked it out. She sent out another Zigzagoon, and I returned Corsola to use Staryu. Using Staryu was easy. A Water Gun and he Zigzagoon went underwater and she returned it.

Sometimes, these gym battles aren't as hard as I think they're going to be, and other times they're harder.

Anyway, we're planning another underwater ballet called 'Waterflowers Alive!', and I'm playing a more minor role in it. It's good to let other people take centre stage.

So, I hope to see some of you there for 'Waterflowers Alive!'

Misty the mighty

8/16/06 08:42 pm - I'm back!

I'm back!

I can't believe I didn't remember to come on here. You see, Psyduck accidently spilt a bucket full of water over the computer, and then we had to get it fixed.

On the plus side, I'm back in action! I hope you haven't forgotten me!

If you haven't forgotten me, and are viewing this, can I please know about it. I'm seriously missing the talks I used to have with people...

So, I'm back!

6/18/06 09:57 am

Hello everyone!

You know, usually when glass breaks, you don't shove it under the reception desk. At 11:35 last night, I was searching through the desk for our files on the amount of people coming to our next underwater ballet, when I found a picture frame. Pulling it out, I realized (too late) that the glass on the picture was cracked, and I sliced open one of the fingers on my left hand. Ouch!

Anyway, Silver, Domino and Murray, I seem to remember our discussed Pokemon on a island in the middle of a lake, but that could just be me.

Anyways, if you stopping by Cerulean City, remember to buy a ticket for our underwater ballet! It starts next Saturday, and shows continue into the next week. I hope to see a few of my friends from there here!

Oh, and I still want that rematch Silver!

x~x~Misty Waterflower~x~x

6/16/06 07:19 pm - Hi!

Hello everyone!

You know, I'm shocked I didn't know about this before. I've used the PC Storage system all the time when I've been out on that trip with Ash! Then again, I'm not that good with computers, so I guess it isn't my fault. Well, er, the gym is running fine! Me and Daisy are planning another underwater ballet (with Lily and Violet being out and about still), and I think I might be playing the mermaid princess again.

Well, I'll be seeing you around!

x~x~Misty Waterflower~x~x
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